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Week 189

This week, everyone was at least back in the UK, although James M did find himself travelling up and down the country organising the last aspects of his move to Oxford. Hopefully he’s all settled in now.

It’s been a pretty uneventual week for GFR, really. Work on Harmonia continues; now that Tom is back, he’s been getting up to speed with the code and concepts, and I am hoping that we’ll start to be able to start talking to potential users (maybe you?) very soon. Chris did a little bit more work on Roosmarks. James M’s work on making mocha’s integration with various test frameworks more robust is hopefully almost done.

I took a couple of our printers to the IoT summer showcase (some pictures), and it was nice to be able to talk to a lot of people about what I think makes the Printer project interesting (and to try and clarify that for myself, too).

We had a minor incident with our server running out of memory, which temporarily brought down the printer backend server as well as a few other sites. It looks like Printer itself might be the main reason why this happened; at the moment, all of it’s data (including print archives) are stored in Redis, which is great for speed and convenience, but isn’t sustainable because of the way that Redis uses memory. I’m working on storing the archived print data in a less memory-demanding store now (probably PostgreSQL), although Redis is still going to be very useful for managing queues and other transient data.

Anyway, enough about us. How was your week?

– James A.

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