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Week 320 - Interesting links

Taking the Raspberry Pi 2 for a Test Drive with GNU Radio

I’ve been playing around with GNU Radio applications on the Raspberry Pi recently and I found this tutorial really helpful. JM

Rails on Docker

This is a nice simple walkthrough of how to use Docker to setup a Rails development environment. Also I hadn’t come across boot2docker, the lightweight Linux distribution, or the headless gem, a Ruby wrapper around Xvfb, before. JM

JRuby+Truffle - a High-Performance Truffle Backend for JRuby

My involvement in the London Computation Club has made me more interested in the design trade-offs in compilers, interpreters, etc. This experimental implementation of an interpreter for JRuby based on the work of an Oracle Labs intern sounds fascinating. Via Tom H. JM

React.js Conf 2015 - Hype!

In this conference talk, Ryan Florence demonstrates some of the power of React.js. I found it all pretty impressive. JM

Mirage 2014 review: IPv6, TLS, Irmin, Jitsu and community growth

A conversation with Tom S prompted me to read some more about Mirage OS and building Unikernels. There certainly seems to be a lot of work going on in this space. JM

RFC 7464, JSON Text Sequences

Reading this reminded me of the “ASCII Delimited Text” blog post I linked to in week 272 links. The use of these ASCII control characters really appeals to me. I guess that they’ve not really been adopted because using printable characters is so much easier. CR

xsv: Command line tool for dealing with CSV files

I spent a short while playing with this earlier today and was pretty impressed. It’s not something I have a need to use everyday but I can certainly remember occasions where it would’ve saved me some time. Even the basic ability to display CSV data in a table will come in handy.

It also includes an option (xsv fmt --ascii) to convert from CSV to ASCII delimiters, as discussed in the link above. CR

Little Big Details - GOV.UK info pages

I enjoy reading Little Big Details and was pleased to see them include GOV.UK’s info pages. CR

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