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Week 272 - Interesting links

The observant amongst you will have noticed that we’re missing links for week 271. Hopefully this bumper(ish) collection will make up for it.

Be amazed by emails, again | Front

This was mentioned by James A and looks like the sort of thing we were trying to find a while back to help respond to emails that come to the group address. CR

Soundslice | Living sheet music and guitar tablature

This was mentioned by Chris Lowis. It looks like a really interesting way of learning music by playing along to these interactive song sheets.

They also have transcribed music videos that you can play along with.

NOTE. If you’re interested in seeing more of this sort of thing then I can recommend signing up for Chris’s Web Audio Weekly newsletter. CR

London Street Views 1840 Homepage

This website displays the elevation views of 35 of the guides (from the West End) and we would like your help in transcribing the business directories. Help us create the first searchable business directory of early Victorian London that includes street views.

This is a great idea. It uses a streetview-like experience to display these elevations from 1840! CR


An open-source JavaScript library that can be added to any web page to make it annotatable. There’s also a bookmarklet available. There’s a hosted backend, AnnotateIt, or you can host your own storage. Via Nick Stenning. JM


A tiny application that streams the output of vmstat over a web socket using websocketd and charts them using SmoothieCharts. I thought this was pretty neat. JM

Text File formats – ASCII Delimited Text – Not CSV or TAB delimited text

I found this pretty interesting. It turns out that the ASCII character set contains non-printing characters that can be used as field and record delimiters; thereby avoiding some of the problems of using characters that may appear in the data (commas and tabs, for example). CR

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