Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 304

  • James and I resumed working with FutureLearn. We’re happy to be back and have been busying ourselves by getting stuck in to working with the team again.

  • We spent Wednesday at GFR HQ (we’re doing four days a week with FutureLearn) and filled it with writing blog posts and generally trying to keep on top of company admin.

  • I wrote about Harmonia and how we use it to keep our company running.

  • James wrote and published our fortnightly Weeklinks.

  • James added some information about GFR Video to our website but we didn’t get chance to do any further work on it.

  • We hosted our 7th Show and Tell on Wednesday evening.

  • I took Friday off to travel to Wales to take part in the Brecon Beacons Ultra.

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