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What do we use Harmonia for?

We’ve written about Harmonia plenty of times over the last couple of years, but we’ve only ever mentioned a handful of the tasks it helps us complete.

In an attempt to illustrate why we think Harmonia is useful and how it helps us run our company I’m listing all of the tasks that it’s currently responsible for assigning. I’ve manually grouped the tasks (they’re not grouped in Harmonia) to make them easier to read in this post.

Our task instructions are stored in a private GitHub wiki and we’re generally pretty good at keeping them up to date as we learn more about the tasks. If we’ve done our job well then it should be possible for almost anyone to step in and complete the tasks we need to keep our business ticking over!

I’m interested in whether any of these come as a surprise to anyone. Could you imagine using Harmonia to share responsibility for these sort of tasks in your organisation?


  • Pay our Corporation Tax - Annually - Using FreeAgent integration
  • Pay our PAYE contributions to HMRC - Quarterly
  • Submit our Annual Return - Annually - Using FreeAgent integration
  • Submit our Company Accounts - Annually - Using FreeAgent integration
  • Submit our Corporation Tax Return - Annually - Using FreeAgent integration
  • Submit our VAT Return - Quarterly - Using FreeAgent integration
  • Update BMM balances - Monthly
  • Update FreeAgent and pay bills - Weekly

Blogging and website

  • Publish week links - Fortnightly
  • Publish weeknotes - Weekly
  • Publish write up about Show and Tell - Monthly
  • Update availability on website - Monthly
  • Upgrade to Ruby 2.1.4 on our Linode instance - One off
  • Write a blog post - Fortnightly

Clients and leads

  • Prepare invoices - Fortnightly - Currently paused
  • Record our client time - Weekly - Currently paused
  • Update the leads spreadsheet - Weekly

Digital admin

  • Backup our FreeAgent data - Monthly
  • Download Amazon AWS Invoice - Monthly
  • Download Campfire Invoice - Monthly
  • Download FreeAgent Invoice - Annually
  • Download GitHub Invoice - Monthly
  • Download Google Apps Invoice - Monthly
  • Download Harmonia Invoice - Monthly
  • Download Linode Invoice - Monthly
  • Download Sky Digital Invoice - Monthly
  • Download Typekit Invoice - Monthly


  • Cancel Sky Digital broadband & phone line - One off
  • Check the fire extinguishers and emergency lighting - Monthly
  • Claim a refund on our business rates - One off
  • Hoover the office - Monthly
  • Organise the fire extinguishers annual service - Annually
  • Record the results of the fire alarm test - Weekly
  • Update the Asset register - Fortnightly
  • Wash the dirty tea towels - Monthly
  • Water the plants - Twice weekly


  • Organise monthly drinks - Monthly
  • Organise Show & Tell - Monthly


  • Decide salary and dividend amounts for the new tax year - Annually
  • Pay our wages - Monthly

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