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Week 304 - Interesting links

Simian Army

I remember reading about Netflix’s Chaos Monkey a few years back, but I hadn’t appreciated that it had been released into the wild. Given that it’s very focussed on Amazon Web Services, it might be interesting to use some of it (or at least the idea behind it) to mess with our video service. More importantly I enjoyed discovering the name of this method. JM

Cubify Quadcopter

These STL files would allow us to print the main components of a quadcopter on the CubeX printer which we have on loan from Makie. Now all we need is to find some time to print them. Via Ben Griffiths. JM

Captioning with Plover and Vim

I really like the idea of being able to “type” words this fast, but I know I’m unlikely to get round to learning how to do it. However, that doesn’t stop me from admiring the skill of those who have mastered the art. JM

Sink or swim: a short story about failure demand and first world problems

This article isn’t particularly remarkable, but it did make me realise quite how common-place Failure Demand is. Also I followed a link from the article and ended up purchasing John Seddon’s new book, The WHITEHALL Effect. JM

Two-Factor Authentication with Authy

James mentioned this back in the links for week 288 but I’ve only recently started to use it. I’ve added a couple of accounts and really appreciate being able to get the 2FA code from my computer rather than having to reach for my phone. CR

Free My Data

The folks at Known have created this useful directory containing instructions for getting your data out of some of the main social networks and websites. CR

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