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Monday Links - Week 240

Android and some time lapse(ish) magic

This is nothing but some shameless self promotion. I’m experimenting with using LapseIt Pro and Folder Sync to upload images every 5 minutes or so to Amazon S3 from my old Android phone. At the moment I have a simple website to display the most recent image but I have lots of ideas as to how I might extend it in future. CR

The next second

Our old GDS colleague Mark Hurrell has some interesting thoughts about this sponsored documentary about the dangers of texting and driving. Read Mark’s thoughts then watch the documentary. After all, it is Werner-fucking-Herzog. TW

A regular expression that matches English words

It apparently matches any word in /usr/share/dict/words. Do not use this for anything serious! TW

Do things, write about it

… you need to do only two things to put yourself in a position to encounter interesting work: make something cool and then tell people about it.


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