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Week 529

Both projects we’ve been working on came to an end this week: Ben and James finished their work with Ctrl Group and Chris and I finished our work on the Modern Slavery Registry for the BHRRC. Both Ctrl Group and BHHRC seemed pleased with what we managed to do in the relatively short time we had.

We spent the rest of the week on a variety of things:

  • Spoke to a charity that were wondering whether they should switch from WordPress to some bespoke software. We advised against it given that it wouldn’t really help solve their most pressing problem, and that it would incur ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Met Raising IT to learn how they’ve been getting on since Chris spent some time with them last year.

  • Met with a designer to chat about a potential collaboration on Mission Patch.

  • Made some small changes to our Mission Patch Twitter advertising campaign to see whether it makes any difference.

  • Created mission patches to celebrate various historic and current events and scheduled them to be tweeted.

  • Announced Mission Patch on Hacker News. It received a couple of positive comments and a useful tip about how we can avoid polluting the browser history.

  • Had a conversation with someone interested in our branded offering.

  • Held our monthly drinks at The Old Fountain on Wednesday.

  • Held our quarterly away day on Friday where we focussed on discussing business development opportunities before spending an enjoyable hour or so at Novelty Automation.

  • Announced our imminent availability in various places and had a couple of positive responses. We’re very interested in hearing from you if you have a project you think we can help with.

Until next time.

– Chris

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