Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Available to hire from March 2019

We’re available to hire from this month and are on the lookout for our next project. Here’s a few ways we might be able to help you:

  • We’re a team of 4 experienced developers who are as comfortable building new applications from scratch as we are refactoring legacy code.

  • We’ll get your application deployed to a PaaS (e.g. Heroku or AWS Elastic Beanstalk), to IaaS (e.g. AWS EC2, Linode) or to your own servers.

  • We enjoy working with existing teams and particularly coaching new developers. You might want to build a team around us while we help you to establish good development practices.

  • We can improve developer productivity by encouraging effective git workflows, configuring Vagrant for repeatable development environments, offering advice about testing strategies and promoting the use of CI.

  • We prefer to work in an agile way. We can show you how that works and work with you to adopt agile practices.

  • Give us a problem to solve - we love creative projects and prototyping.

Our favourite language is Ruby and we’re happy to work on Rails projects. We can also turn our hand to JavaScript, Elm and iOS development. We’ve worked on web applications, data-processing systems, 3D graphics, voice-controlled applications including the Alexa, video- and audio-processing tools, data science and more. We love a challenge.

In 2018 we worked for GDS (consolidating multiple asset manager apps), BBC R&D (making it easier to create interactive stories for Amazon Alexa), Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (reducing hosting costs by migrating from Heroku to AWS), Trainline (helping merge codebases), CCS (building prototype of the Crown Marketplace) and Raising IT (training).

If you think we might be able to work together drop us a line and we’ll arrange to meet you for a cuppa.

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