Chris Lowis by Chris Lowis

Week 525


We started the week in Whitechapel and ended it in Blackfriars - where on Friday afternoon we moved into our new office at The Foundry. We’ve had a great few months with the Ministry of Startups and we’ll be keeping in touch.

We’re still a small enough company that 3 of us plus our entire office furniture can (just about) fit in the back of a black cab. Ben took the train and beat us there though! shakes fist.

James, Chris and Chris in the back of a cab

We’re starting work with 2 clients on Monday. Chris and I are spending the week with the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre. We started working with them back in week 489 and since then we’ve had an ongoing agreement to work 1 day a month on their Modern Slavery Registry. This working pattern works fine for performing maintenance tasks, software upgrades and the like, but it hasn’t been great for development of more significant features. We’ve decided to use up the remaining days we’d allocated to the project together with a few extra days so that we can spend the next week working with the team on some of their priorities.

Meanwhile, James and Ben will be kicking off a project with the Ctrl Group. We’ll have more to say about that after some initial meetings.

It’s the first time, since I joined at least, that we’ve split the GFR team across more than one client project. It’ll be interesting to see how we feel about it when we get together after next week.

Also this week:

  • we sold a few more Mission Patch sticker sets and got some more useful feedback.
  • we ran some Twitter and Reddit ads for Mission Patch and decided to continue experimenting with this kind of advertising.
  • Chris rolled a few weeknotes into one to create a delicious “month note”.
  • we voted in favour of a CoTech proposal to create a common time/money fund to support the growth of our network.
  • James spent some time looking in detail at our eligibility for R&D tax credits and the impact they might have on our finances.
  • we continued our “business development” activities, chatting to various friends and contacts. If you’d like to talk about working together get in touch and we’ll grab a cuppa.

Have a great weekend!

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