James Mead by James Mead

Week 489

After the bank holiday on Monday, Ben and I welcomed Chris L back from holiday on Tuesday, and Chris R back from paternity leave on Thursday.

We were mostly focussed on finishing up our work on the “Talking with Machines” project for BBC R&D. I was particularly pleased that we managed to add some end-to-end acceptance tests using WebDriver and ChromeDriver to make sure that everything stays wired up correctly.

We continued to push forward with various business development efforts and at the end of the week we agreed to offer to do one 2-person 2-week iteration on the Modern Slavery Registry project for the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. The main focus is going to be to migrate the website from Heroku onto AWS in order to reduce their monthly hosting costs.

Chris R did a load of research into whether we could claim R&D tax credits for any of the work we’ve done in recent years. He also had a useful chat with our accountant on the subject. However, it’s looking increasingly likely that it’s not going to be worthwhile for us at the moment.

That’s all folks!

– James

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