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Week 495

My first week notes! Exciting.

Chris L, Chris R and I have been at Trainline this week. James is somewhere between Lulworth and Minehead. We think…


We’ve been figuring out how to make our mark as a team in a company used to employing individual contractors. So, I was very glad when, this week, we were given a short project that we can all work on together.

It’s a good project too, with real needs behind it, internal customers we can talk to and a bit of spelunking through their system to wire it all up.

One of the qualities I’ve always liked in GFR is, like good scouts, we have a determination to leave things a little better than we found them, to make the path for people following a little bit easier than it was for us.

It was good to see us practise that this week by making and sharing a VagrantFile that will make it easier for any contractors joining after us to get set up on Trainline’s systems.

Other news

In other news, Chris L hosted LRUG this week and applied for a DoS opportunity (for which we were rejected #sadface), Chris R has nearly finished the seating area on his yacht, and I did some work to hopefully remediate a memory issue we’re seeing on one of our heroku apps.


– Ben

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