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Week 444 - Interesting links

Firefox Focus

I’ve been happily using this as the default browser on my Nexus 5X for the past few weeks. Not only does it feel faster than Firefox (my previous default) but I’m also really appreciating the simplicity of the single tab browsing experience. CR

Findmypast Family Tree builder

I started exploring my family history about 15 years ago and have dipped in and out every so often since then. I’ve got back into it recently and have been using Findmypast’s Family Tree functionality to construct my own tree. I’m really impressed by how easy they’ve made it to merge data from their various sources into your own tree. CR

Building TubeAlert, a Serverless Progressive Web Site with push notifications

David Marland built this site to provide alerts when London’s tube network has disruptions. He used React for the front end, Service Worker and push notifications to provide an “app-like” experience, and NodeJS on AWS Lambda for the “serverless” backend. He then spent just as long documenting and explaining the whole thing. A fantastic resource. CL

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