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Week 418 - Interesting links

PhantomJS as a Service

I came across this while looking at ways of automatically taking snapshots of web pages. I was initially exploring the idea of packaging up Phantom JS to use on AWS Lambda when I found this alternative. I created a free account and used it to take a screenshot of the site I was interested in. It seems to work just fine; at least for my simple use case. CR

Improving our content about getting married abroad

This project to improve the marriage-abroad Smart Answer sounds very promising. It’s been one of the most painful Smart Answers for quite some time now. As well as benefitting users, simplifying the tool should hopefully lead to simpler and easier to maintain code. CR

Sorry for the inconvenience

I quite like this site that aggregates public apologies made by various transport companies. I wonder whether it’s possible to read anything into the visualisations: do higher numbers of apologies (e.g. from BA) correspond to more complaints/problems, or are they just better at responding to people. It also makes me wonder whether companies make use of this sort of data to try to help improve their services. CR

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