Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 417

  • We continued to make progress on the GDS contract. We’ve agreed a start date of 30 Jan. We’ve also agreed to opt out of the agency business regulations as part of our agreement with Digital Gurus. We haven’t had to do this before and don’t really understand it but our reading suggested that opting out was OK.

  • We both spent some time working on Mocha on Wednesday; mostly responding to issues and PRs. I was hoping to get my long running refactoring branch merged but ended up spending ages trying to understand the behaviour of passing a file name and line number to class_eval.

  • We’ve agreed, and started, to help organise a CoTech evening during the Open 2017 platform cooperatives conference.

  • I spent some time learning about Cobudgeting and more generally about Enspiral. This led to a video conference with some Outlandish and Enspiral folks on Thursday.

  • James spent a while spiking on moving our GFR website from Vanilla to a custom Rails app. We think/hope this’ll make it slightly easier to maintain.

  • We visited Ian Southwood at Energized Work on Friday afternoon. James used to work with Ian and GFR have been aware of Energized Work for a while. It was interesting to learn that our organisations have quite a lot in common despite them being quite a bit larger than us.

  • We started to collect material with the intention of writing a GFR’s 2016 blog post. Be sure to look out for that in early 2018!

  • We hosted Show & Tell 28 on Wednesday.

That’s all for now. Until next time.

– Chris

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