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Week 406 - Interesting links

Systemist: A modern productivity workflow

As a user of Todoist I was interested to read this post about its creator’s productivity workflow. Mostly because it helps me understand some of the design decisions that have been made in the software, including why it might not support certain features (e.g. not allowing me to specify the start date for tasks). CR

Google Colour Converter

I deal with colours infrequently enough that it always takes me a while to remember what I need to do. It should be much easier now that I can simply search for a hex colour code and use this Google widget. CR

Lounge membership at The Office Group

James and I signed up for a Lounge membership at The Office Group recently. Working from coffee shops has been OK but the problems with power, space and not so comfortable chairs started to take their toll. We spent a few hours working in the Bloomsbury office on Wednesday and are so far impressed by what we’ve experienced. CR


I’m not really sure why I find this so amusing. CR

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