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Week 328 - Interesting links

Why we need the IndieWeb

I really recommend this 35 minute video to anyone that wants an overview of the IndieWeb. I think Barry does a great job: He discusses the motivations for wanting to own your content, an overview of the current state of the IndieWeb and closes by giving some tips about how to get started. CR

Deleting the Family Tree

Very much inline with the IndieWeb link above, this story describes the disappointing state of affairs when it comes to relying on big companies to look after your data. Having informed users that they’d be able to download their archives when the service shut last year, appear to have gone back on their word and not made users’ data available. Sad times. CR

PageDiff Firefox Extension

This came in handy when we were trying to ensure we hadn’t broken the rendered HTML in our current client project. You choose the first page, tell the extension to “Start DIFF”, switch to the second page and then “Show DIFF”. I’m not sure you’d want to use this to compare lots of pages but it was perfect to check the couple that we were interested in. CR

Raspberry Pi Build Environment In No Time At All

This blog post explains how to use PRoot and qemu to build packages for the Raspberry Pi without the need to do so on physical hardware. I recently built GNU Radio on a Raspberry Pi and it took ages, so I hope to try this approach out sometime soon. Via Paul B. JM

Video: The stunning still beauty of Antarctica

The superb footage in this video was filmed from a DJI Phantom 2 drone with a GoPro HERO3+ camera all launched from a yacht. The scenery is all very reminiscent of (and not far from) the area around the research station where I wintered back in the 1990s. JM

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