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Week 322 - Interesting links

Experiments with Strengthening JavaScript

The Chrome V8 team have been exploring some ways to mitigate post-ES6 performance and usability issues, including a Strong Mode for the language and an optional type system, SoundScript. JM


A painless self-hosted Git service written in Go. I seem to remember spending ages trying to set up my own Git server ages ago. This looks as if it might’ve made life a bit easier. JM

Computers in Spaceflight: The NASA Experience

I came to this while reading about Voyager’s computer system. I was particularly fascinated by some of the failure recovery stories, e.g.

When the backup came on-line it had no record of the gyro readings. Not knowing how bad things were was a blessing, as it executed a simple orientation and stopped the spacecraft roll.

Interesting stuff! JM

Nokia 5110 Graphic LCD 84x48

Ben G recommended this as a nice cheap display for a Raspberry Pi. I’ve just bought one from Hobbytronics for the princely sum of £7.00 to incorporate into my SDR/AIS project. Now I just need to work out how to wire it up. JM

Democracy Club CVs

Francis Irving is aiming to collect the Curriculum Vitae of everyone standing for parliament which seems like a very worthwile project. JM

Bidding farewell to Google Code

It didn’t come as a huge surprise that Google Code is shutting down: It doesn’t seem to have received much love over the years. One good thing is that you appear to be able to set a new URL for your code and to have users redirected automatically. This is what Tom Stuart’s trying to get Rubyforge to do since shutting the service (see rubyforge-redirects). CR

Highrise attempt to fix infinite scrolling

We haven’t used Highrise for a while now but I still find it interesting to read what they’re up to. I was particularly pleased to read that they’ve attempted to fix the infuriating problem inherent in lots of infinite scroll implementations. CR

Peer to Peer: Work with Agile Coach Amy Wagner

Are you someone who is kicking off a new digital product or project? Or do you have a project already running that needs improvement? Would you like some free help from Agile Coach Amy Wagner (in exchange for free help, you will be filmed)?

Peer to Peer are expanding their video series to include things other than coding. The first video is going to be hosted by Amy and they’re looking for a volunteer to join her. Get in touch if you’re interested. CR

Meat Club iPad app

I’m really pleased to see that Ryan and Dietrich have released their Meat Club iPad app. If you’re interested in learning how to prepare meat at home then you should definitely check it out. CR

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