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Week 291 - Interesting links

Heroku | Introducing Heroku Button

This looks great. It’s pretty common to see software READMEs include a section on getting it installed to Heroku (e.g. my own roosmarks and money-tracker). Heroku have removed the need for quite so much documentation by allowing software authors to codify the set-up process, which should make it much easier for interested parties to get started with the software. CR

nemex is a tiny app that helps you to track and curate ideas and projects. It’s self-hosted and based on markdown.

This sounds like exactly the sort of thing I’ve been imagining building for a while. I’m yet to try it but the website and feature set looks great and I’m hoping it’ll be just what I’m after. CR

Statlogger: Email-based stat tracking and charts

I track a few different things on a fairly regular basis and am always thinking about how to make the process easier. While I’m not convinced that I’d use this service, I do like the simplicity of the approach: Send an email with your stat in the subject line and receive an email back with an updated chart of your data. CR

Next Bank

This looks interesting. They appear to have quite a lot of regularly updated content from people in the banking industry that are looking to change the status quo. They also organise conferences and I notice that at Next Bank Europe, they’re hosting the European finals of BBVA Open Talent. I’ve not heard of the competition before but I’m aware of BBVA as being the organisation that recently bought Simple, so it’s interesting to see that they really seem to be serious about innovation in banking. CR

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