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Week 279 - Interesting links

The Search Features You’ve Been Looking For

This is a great improvement to the search functionality in Trello. I’ve certainly felt the pain of not being able to find a card by searching for something I knew I’d written in a comment before. CR

Google+ Stories and Movies: memories made easier

I really like the look of this new feature of Google+. It’s almost making me want to start using Google+ to store my photos. CR

Habitat - a programmable personal datastore (early progress)

Habitat is a self hosted, programmable personal-data server controlled via gherkin syntax.

This project by Richard Pope sounds pretty interesting, and certainly appears to have some crossover with some Indieweb projects. CR

Everyone is totally just winging it, all the time

This echoes advice I was given years ago. It’s good to be reminded of it. JM

What 60 years of political gerrymandering looks like

An interesting analysis which suggests districts in US states are becoming more gerrymandered over time. JM

The Plan for RSpec 3

You have to admire the amount of effort the Rspec team has put into the upgrade path from version 2 to version 3. JM

Project: Columba

A neat internet-conected compass-like device built by Tom Armitage which always points towards the nearest Boris Bike docking station with free spaces. JM

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