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Week 278 - Interesting links

Change the visibility of your Gists · GitHub

This is a great improvement - I’ve certainly wanted to be able to convert a gist from private to public in the past. CR

Boldore likes bouldering (roll with it) - Pivotal Labs

I can imagine this coming in handy (I’ve certainly seen other workarounds in the past to achieve something similar). Set Capybara.asset_host = '<your-development-server>' to have save_and_open_page open the temporary html page with links to your sites assets. CR

Accept on HTML file upload; Useful attribute on input tag -

Although apparently not universally supported, this certainly sounds useful. Setting the accept attribute on a file input element prompts certain browsers to only allow the selection of suitable files. CR

Mailpin: Publish an email as a web page by

This is very similar to an idea I had a few years back. I even bought (geddit!?) to host it but never actually got around to making anything of it. I was interested to see that at least one person still thinks this sort of thing is useful. CR

East London from the air (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube

I love this video of East London. Partly because I recognise quite a few of the locations, and partly because of the use of the camera drones. Via Londonist. CR

London In Motion - A Short Timelapse/Hyperlapse video on Vimeo

Another beautiful video via Londonist. This time a hyperlapse/timelapse video of London. Enjoy! CR

The DHH Problem

A light-hearted, but heartfelt lightning talk by Tom Stuart at Scottish Ruby Conference 2014 containing an important message for Rubyists everywhere. JM


Allows you to serve up your raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers and even via a CDN if you so wish. JM


An open-source modular web framework for Ruby (more objects, fewer DSLs, no monkey patching) mentioned by Tom Stuart. JM


This unit-testing framework which sits on top of Jasmine looks like it has some interesting features. I’d also like to find out more about one of its dependencies, jsdom. JM

Making Your Code Citable

Unfortunately sharing code in academia is the exception not the rule. Hopefully issuing DOIs for GitHub repositories removes one of the main barriers to doing this. JM

Peer Review as a Service: It’s not about the journal

In this article the Zooniverse gang write about an open online academic journal they started to build on top of the arXiv. It’s a shame that they haven’t finished it, but I applaud them for open-sourcing their work so far. JM

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