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Week 276 - Better late than never?

Late again. Sorry!

We spent another busy week working on the FutureLearn video project. I finished up some work to incorporate a video.js bug fix and then moved on to customising the video player styles to match the FutureLearn branding and making the video player scale within the responsive design.

Chris spent much of the week investigating a horrible Internet Explorer bug which meant that the video.js web font (used for the player controls) was not rendering, but I’ll leave him to explain more about that at some point.

Early in the week we decided we had to turn down the opportunity to run a course on Ruby and Rails. This is definitely something we’d be interested in doing, but on this occasion unforunately we just couldn’t fit it in amongst our upcoming client commitments.

The Little Schemer Book Club met up again on Monday at GFRHQ. We continued to use Tom’s specs to drive out the implementation of our Scheme interpreter and managed to get all the specs for chapters 2 & 3 passing. You can read more about what we got up to in Tom’s excellent notes.

Tom was beavering away all week preparing his I Have No Idea What I’m Doing talk for Scottish Ruby Conference. It sounds intruiging, so I’m rather sorry I’m not going to get to hear it1.

On Wednesday, we went for another round of our monthly drinks meet-up. This time we sampled the delights of the Old Fountain off the City Road, one of our regular haunts when we rented desks at the old Moo office. Good beer, good company and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Until next time.

– James.

  1. because I’m not going to the conference :-( 

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