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Week 273 - Interesting links

Whiteboard picture cleaner

I haven’t tried this script but I like the idea of it. Use it tidy up photos of whiteboard scrawls. CR

Welcome to Brewhouse

We wish Kalv and the team all the best in their new venture, and will be sure to keep an eye on how they’re managing the mix of client work and product development. CR

My Prop 8 blog post from 2008

It wasn’t so much the subject of this post that I found interesting, but more the idea that we should be able to record our current line of thinking without feeling as though that would prevent us from changing our mind in future. I think Dave’s comment actually sums this up best. CR

That’s why it’s good to write blog posts. I wrote that Apple was doomed after Jobs came back. Believe me, every time I say something about Apple, I hear about that post. It’s what I thought at the time. We live and learn, and grow and change our minds all the time. Some people think that’s a failing, I think it’s our strength.

Readmill Epilogue

Readmill’s story ends here. Many challenges in the world of ebooks remain unsolved, and we failed to create a sustainable platform for reading. For this, we’re deeply sorry. We considered every option before making the difficult decision to end the product that brought us together.

I only recently came across Readmill and it looked like a really nice service. It’s a real shame they’re having to shut down. CR

Short Reckonings

I was introduced to this recently when sorting out the finances for a holiday involving multiple people. It’s not the prettiest of websites, but it seemed to do the job pretty well. JM

Answering the Critical Question: Can You Get Private SSL Keys Using Heartbleed?

This is the best write up of the Heartbleed bug that I’ve seen so far. Via Tom Ward. JM

Why Do Scientists Want to Learn About Code Review?

My limited experience of software written in an academic context has led me to be rather sceptical about its quality. I was therefore interested to read this article about scientists who want to use code review to improve their code. JM.

Printing circuit boards with home printers

I really like the idea of using a standard inkjet printer with some conductive ink to print your own circuit boards at home. JM

FreeAgent - New Beginnings

I was really pleased to discover that FreeAgent have introduced functionality to generate P60s for employees. One less thing for us to do! JM

Flight at TweetDeck

This article makes Twitter’s Flight framework sound like a very appealing way to make an incremental improvement to the JavaScript in a typical large Rails app. I plan to investigate this more soon. JM

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