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Week 270

Yo, yo, yo, my friends. I trust you’re all well.

I’ve had to struggle through all on my own this week as James deserted me! Not really; James has actually taken a well deserved break to head into the mountains for some skiing fun. I hope the conditions have been favourable, James.

I think I’ve just about managed to keep up with the things I was supposed to do; and was happy to have the company of Paul B, Tom S and Chris L keeping me sane.

Tom S hosted the fourth Little Schemer book club meeting in the office on Monday evening. As always, he’s done a great job of documenting their progress.

I spent some more time this week playing with the office layout. We’ve now almost entirely mirrored the old set-up to give us more room around the projector at the other end of the office. I think this works really well, especially now that we’ve got the projector a little higher and at an angle (thanks for the suggestion, Paul).

I’ve also had a bit of a play with our wireless network set-up. It turns out that it was pretty much unusable. James and I had avoided this problem by using cables, but Tom and Paul had started to revert to tethering which is bad. Having simplified things a little, we now appear to have a stable wireless network. Sorry about that, Tom and Paul.

Wednesday evening saw us host the inaugural IndieWeb Homebrew website club. You can read more about that in the blog post.

Chris L joined us for a few hours in the office yesterday. It’s always good to see Chris and to learn about the work he’s doing in web audio land.

All that’s left to say is that James and I are going to be doing a little more work for FutureLearn next week but we’ll explain more about that next time.

Have great weekends, folks.

– Chris

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