Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 265

G’day peeps. I trust you’re all well.

I’m going to keep these short and sweet as we’re already well in to week 266.

I didn’t feel as though we achieved quite so much in week 265 as we’d managed in week 264. This was partly because of continued office admin, but also because I spent the day out of the office on Thursday and I think I’ve also managed to pass my germs on to James who spent Thursday and Friday feeling pretty rough. Sorry, James!

FutureLearn very kindly bought us The Profitable Side Project Handbook by Rachel Andrew as a leaving gift. We received our copy this week and I’m hoping to find some time to dig into it soon. Thanks, FutureLearn :-)

James and I attended Rubybiz on Wednesday. I haven’t been for a while (I actually think I may have only been to one in the past) and was pleasantly surprised to see a sizeable crowd there. It was good to catch up with Tommo and to meet a few new people.

While not feeling ill or otherwise being away from the office, James and I spent some time investigating whether we really could retain the office lease (as per my throwaway comment in last weeks notes). We haven’t decided anything yet but I’m happy that we’re even considering it.

And that, for week 265, is that. Have good weeks folks and you can look forward to hearing from me again on Friday(ish).

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