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Week 264 - Interesting links

Launch: The official Basecamp Android app

The Android app that Tom Ward, formerly of this parish, has been working on for the last few months was released yesterday. JM

Round-up of the second Little Schemer book club meeting

A nice write-up by Tom Stuart. JM


A talk at La Conf by Yehuda Katz on self-improvement for software developers and more specifically working on open source [video]. JM

George Orwell on how to make the perfect cup of tea

A somewhat random recording of George Orwell explaining how to make a perfect cuppa including a very logical explanation for why you should put the milk in last [audio]. JM

Making remote teams work

Although our team is now less remote than ever, I retain an ongoing interest in how to other teams work remotely. This article talks about the need for over-communication in a team with remote members. JM

HSBC No Rapport

This is an incredibly simple Chrome extension that hides the very annoying Rapport pop-up from the HSBC business banking website. The source is incredible simple, made me laugh out loud and doesn’t appear to be doing anything more than hiding some elements on the page. CR

AWS Tips I Wish I’d Known Before I Started

This appears to contain lots of great advice for thinking about deploying your application to the cloud, and AWS in particular. The CloudTrail audit trail to S3 tool sounds particularly useful. CR

The First International Conference on Software Archaeology

James linked to this in our weeknotes but I thought it was worth another plug as a comprehensive writeup of the TICOSA conference we attended last week. CR

XP is the Mac of Agile

Martin Fowler recently blogged about how his Flaccid Scrum article is still relevant 5 years on. This article by Jonathan Rasmusson talks about why Scrum caught on so much more than Extreme Programming. JM

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