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Week 263 - Interesting links

SMS Backup +

I love the simplicity of this Android SMS backup app. It does one thing (backup messages and call log to emails) and it appears to do it really well. Having my messages in Gmail makes them much easier to search. CR

GitHub Wiki Search

I’ve been using a GitHub wiki recently and realised that there’s no search functionality. This extension adds that search functionality. It appears to work by requesting each wiki page and, I presume, using javascript to search for the search term. This appears to work well enough on the small wiki I’m working with at the moment, though. CR

TextMate - Diff Selection|Document With Clipboard

I can’t believe I’ve only just come across this Bundle item in TextMate. Find it in Bundles > Diff > Document/Selection with clipboard, and use it to diff the content of the clipboard with either a selection of text or the whole document.

I would previously either try to diff by eye (not easy for long strings) or create two temporary files and diff those. CR

Coverband: Production Ruby Code Coverage

How to generate a code coverage report from production traffic using Rack middleware and Ruby 2’s TracePoint API. JM

Killing the Crunch Mode Antipattern

Sensible stuff. JM

A Ranty and Dogmatic Troll Masquerading as Coding Guidelines

Does what it says on the tin. JM


A test-like system for catching visual regressions in Web applications. It watches you browse, takes screenshots, and tells you when they change.

I think Ben Griffiths made something like this. JM

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