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Monday Links - Week 257

This is a website

A great reminder from Jeffrey Zeldman that the web is a beautiful thing and is certainly more than a handful of famous centralised publishing/sharing platforms.

I love the whole the piece but really enjoyed this quote in particular. CR

Yes, recycling other people’s recycling of other people’s recycling of cat gifs is fun and easy on Tumblr. Yes, rubbing out a good bon mot on Twitter can satisfy one’s ego and rekindle a wistful remembrance of meaning. Yes, these things are still fine to do. But they are not all we can do on this web. This is our web. Let us not surrender it so easily to new corporate masters.

The case for progressive enhancement

This article provides links to a number of other interesting pieces about the merits of using progressive enhancement. Via Brad Wright. JM

101 Goals in 1001 Days, Again

I enjoyed reading Tom Hall’s ambitious-sounding list of personal goals. There are some really interesting goals in the list and I wish him all the best in trying to achieve them. JM

Harvard Review: Let’s Fire All the Managers

I’ve previously read a little about Morning Star’s self-management philosophy, but it was interesting to read more of the details in this article. JM

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