James Mead by James Mead

Week 254

Last Wednesday Chris & I decided that we’d be a bit lonely having our monthly drinks with just the two of us, so we decided to invite some long-term friends of Go Free Range along. We met up round the corner in the Reliance and had a very jolly time. Thanks to everyone who came along!

Earlier that day we’d done some back-of-the-envelope calculations to try to make sense of our financial situation. It’s been a bit hard to get a clear idea of where we stand what with the somewhat unknown liability of our office lease, etc. However, I now feel I have a much better handle on things. Indeed I think we were both pleasantly surprised by the healthiness of our financial affairs.

Work on FutureLearn is ticking along nicely. Chris and Melinda spent quite a bit of time unpicking the idiosyncrasies of ActiveRecord and ordering on has_many :through associations as the behaviour changed significantly from Rails v3 to v4.0.0 and again from v4.0.0 to v4.0.1.

Assuming we still have our office, we’ve decided to continue the tradition of having a Christmas party. So please keep the evening of Wednesday, 18th December free for mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas cheer chez nous. Murray has tried to persuade Chris to mull some eggs, but fortunately I’m not sure Chris was convinced.

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– James

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