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Week 246

So the cat’s out of the bag. I’m leaving GFR. In fact, my last proper GFR-day will be next Friday. Maybe this will be my last weeknotes? I can’t believe it’s happened so quickly. Anyway, on to the notes:

On Monday we took advantage of the last day of James Adam’s brief trip to the UK to all meet up for a few drinks. The venue was Brewdog in Camden. Good beer and conversation, though I was sorry to see they no longer had their Imperial through Lapsang Souchong on tap.

Other than that, things have been fairly quiet. The other guys have been discussing how to cope with my departure. Can they charge more now they’ll be twice as productive? Should they hold a party to celebrate? Questions in search of answers. Seriously though, there always things to be resolved when anyone leaves, so we’ve all spent a bit of time working these through. One ongoing question is do we still need an office? It’s served us well, our little piece of Worship Street, but with only one London-based member, is it still necessary?

A couple of other nice things happened this week. I spent some of Wednesday chatting with Tom Stuart about the potential of docker. It’s always nice to see Tom, and even nicer on the rare occasion when I can tell him something. Also, Code Climate wrote a blog post high-speed Rails deployments. As they mention, they basically stole their recipes from our recap project, something I’m really glad to see. It’s MIT licensed because I like seeing people use our code.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Maybe we’ll meet again next week, but if not, stay agile.

– Tom

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