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Monday Links - Week 243

Chrome for Android’s Find in Page Icon

I never knew about this “Find in page” functionality on Chrome for Android. In fact, even after reading this post I still managed to fail to use it the first couple of times, until I read/realised that I needed to click on the icon instead of the text. CR

Set the Desktop Picture to NASA Image of the Day

I’ve never used the Mac Automator before so I was pleased to find this post that walked me through creating a workflow to download an image and automatically set it as my background. I’ve amended the workflow to point to an ATOM feed of latest images of the Thames, and have that running every 15 minutes with cron. The result is that I get to see what my camera can see out of my bedroom window. Which is schweeeeet. CR

Confident Ruby

I was subscribed to Avdi’s Ruby Tapas for a while and this book looks like it’s full of similar useful tidbits - it reminds me a lot of a Ruby equivalent of Kent Beck’s Implementation Patterns. JM

My First Feature and Beyond: Why I Work At Facebook

Talking of Kent Beck, I’m attending this talk by him at Facebook, London, tomorrow night. Unfortunately the event is full-up - they’re not accepting any more registrations. JM

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