Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 243

G’day, folks. How are ya?

This week saw the welcome return of Tommo. Back from his expedition into the Canadian wilderness and Tim Hortons.

We’ve been pretty much full on FutureLearn this week, helping to get everything ready before the doors open to the world next Wednesday (18th September). I’m really wondering how many people are going to come visit us on the day - there certainly seems to be a lot of interest in the project as far as I can tell.

On the FutureLearn front, one of the things we’ve experienced is that we quite often have more than one story per person in progress; something that we’re all keen to address. To that end, James M came up with the Pivotal Watcher tool to report on the current state of Pivotal each morning. The hope is that giving a daily overview of the number of stories that are in progress, finished and blocked should help us all keep more of an eye on the state of the project. The trick here will be in trying to make sure the emails don’t become something that people just ignore.

Away from FutureLearn, the GFR time we did have was spent writing blog posts, working through the GOOS book in Ruby, and learning about Docker.

Finally, James M was lucky enough to reserve a space to see Kent Beck talk about Facebook on Tuesday evening. It sounded like a good talk, although I was kinda surprised to hear from James that there wasn’t too much of a focus on testing, given Kent’s background.

And with that, I’m going to head back to join my FutureLearn compadres.

Y’all have good weekends now, won’t you.

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