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Monday Links - Week 236

How do you build the right thing?

This is a collection of essays from ThoughtWorks designers who are finding ways to successfully blend together agile development practices with user-centred design [note: you have to give them your email address to download it] JM

London cycling campaign

Both Chris and I have witnessed cyclists being hit by other vehicles this past week. While the accident I saw just resulted in bumps and bruises, Chris had the misfortune to be nearby when a cyclist was killed. The London cycling campaign are working towards making the streets safer for London’s ever growing number of cyclists. I believe they deserve our support. TW

What is Programmer Anarchy and does it have a future?

This is an outsider’s impressions of how Fred George’s post-agile Programmer Anarchy works at Forward. I don’t agree with the author’s conclusion that “any kind of team will always need a division of labour, a leadership structure to organize and motivate the team”, but it was an interesting read none-the-less. JM

How I Earned A Lot More on Projects by Changing My Pricing Strategy

Although I’ve never been convinced that fixing a price for a project up-front is a good idea for either party, I think there are some interesting ideas in this article e.g. “value-based pricing” and “positioning the price as an investment, not an expense”. JM


One of the projects that I heard about at Lone Star Ruby Conference, it’s basically a “Rails for CLI applications”. If the description is accurate it sounds suspiciously like over-engineering to me, and the README is unhelpfully empty, but maybe one of you could check it out and let me know if there’s a spark of something interesting there? JA


Another of the strong themes at LSRC was pair programming, and in particular remote pair programming. This site was promoted by Avdi Grimm in his closing keynote, but I also met Mark Simm who spoke about #pairwithme. I’m hoping to make some time available soon to pair with new people. JA

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