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Monday Links - Week 225


I’ve been after a good outliner for a while, after continuously switching between Google Tasks (the keyboard shortcuts make it really easy to re-organise things, even if they’re not necessarily tasks), Workflowy and Markdown in plain old text files. I’ve only just started using it but Fargo (co-created by Dave Winer) seems to have the right mix of openness (it stores OPML files in Dropbox) and an outline-specific mode of operation. CR


We’ve agreed to abide by the Ruby style guide on our current project. While it’s great to have a set of agreed upon guidelines, it’s not always easy to remember what they are while you’re in the middle of coding; particularly if you have a slightly different individual style. Personally, I’d rather have a computer tell me that I’ve violated any given guideline than have to keep on top of it myself, and it looks like we might be able to use Rubocop to do just that. CR

Quick Javascript Switcher

I’ve been looking for a Chrome extension to do this (toggle Javascript on/off) on and off forever, so was really very pleased to come across this last week. It sits in your toolbar and allows you to toggle Javascript on and off without having to go through the pain of finding the setting in Chrome preferences and then reloading the page. CR

Zero Waste Home

At GFR we’ve tried to minimise the amount of paper we use, and I like to think that we’re quite conscious about waste and other environmental issues like this, but an extreme (in a good way) example is producing literally a couple of handfuls of waste over an entire year. JA

Hooting Printer

Andrew Nicolaou of BBC R&D has been making Raspberry Pi play nicely with the Printer backend for a while, but it was fun to see his latest code making a “hooting noise” when a print is ready. JA

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