Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 695

We’re still here! Albeit without Ben who moved on to pastures new at the end of 2021.

It’s nearly two years (95 weeks) since our last weeknotes back in July 2020. Since then we finished working with The Audience Agency, built Code Club World with The Raspberry Pi Foundation, and have done some shorter stints with Julie’s Bicycle, SH:24, Access Social Care and Lollipop. James has also mostly finished rewriting Mission Patch from Rails/Webpacker/Elm to SvelteKit.

We’re currently on the lookout for our next project so if you’ve got anything you think we can help with, or you have an idea you want to chat about, then please get in touch.

We’re getting back into the habit of regularly meeting in person having spent the majority of the past two years entirely remote. We’ve been meeting in cafes and pubs which is great for the social aspect but not so good for getting work done. We’re starting to explore meeting rooms but maybe some kind of flexible office might be useful again in future?

We’re currently trying to work out what it means to be working for GFR. This is a recurring theme throughout our history but the world we now live in, and our individual circumstances, mean that it feels a bit different this time round.

Right, that’ll do for now. See you in week 790, I guess.

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