Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 580

Week commencing Mon 24 Feb.

  • Ben had the week off to recover from dental surgery. I hope it wasn’t too traumatic/painful!

  • Chris added Chromaticity calculations to Lightbox - to give users another way of understanding the raw spectra data they upload.

  • Chris spoke to a charity about a possible project. Unfortunately it sounds as though their budget isn’t going to allow them to get anywhere near their ambition. I understand that this was the sort of topic discussed at the CAST/Catalyst workshop that Ben and Chris attended last week.

  • We’ve confirmed the date of our next quarterly away day as Mon 9 Mar. We use these events as an opportunity to step back from the day-to-day work and think about some of the longer term goals of GFR.

  • I’ve been speaking to the product owner and project manager from TAA to see whether we (GFR and TAA) can improve how we’re working together: it’s not bad but there has been some friction in some of the meetings and I’m keen to see whether we can reduce it.


  • After quite a bit of pairing with GFR, James T was able to tackle some stories on his own this week. This is awesome. Good work, James :-)

  • We’ve moved nearly all hardcoded strings out of the app and into the i18n config files. We’re still getting to grips with Locale and how best to work when there’s more than one of us adding/editing translations. We’ve run into a few problems but I think we’re getting there. We’re working with a translator and I understand that they’re found Locale relatively easy to use.

  • We’ve added a new Insight that helps venues in Scotland understand their audiences based on Mosaic Scotland segmentation.

  • We’ve fixed some double counting bugs by introducing some new Materialized Views that better represent the data we want to make available. We’ve introduced a few of these Views now and so Chris has started exploring whether it’s time to update the underlying table structure instead.

  • James has been refactoring in order to remove duplication and better communicate the purpose of various aspects of the system.

  • We finished the week on a high with Sprint Review. Leo (product owner) did a great job of communicating the progress that has been made over the past two weeks.

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