Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 578

Week commencing 10 Feb 2020.

  • Chris and I spent some more time working on Lightbox (the University of Oxford project) - experimenting with adding new visualisations and displaying additional calculated properties of the uploaded data. We’re getting closer to having something that can be sent to real users for feedback.

  • Ben hosted a Dungeons and Dragons night in our office on Tuesday. It sounds as though it was well attended and that everyone enjoyed the evening.

  • James did the boring admin work required to prepare for us switching from salary+dividend to salary only from this month.

  • James succumbed to the sickness that’s been going round the office and was off for a couple of days at the end of the week.

  • Chris and James have started reading Traction with the aim of getting some ideas of things to try for Mission Patch.

  • The rest of the week was spent working on TAA, culminating in the end of sprint 10 review on Friday. We’ve improved the Audience Report (filtering surveys, editing visits number), improved catchment area for survey customers, improved the quality of data we’re importing from the existing system, improved the UI so that users only see features relevant to them, and explored translation services.

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