Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 576

  • I worked from home most of the week after being struck down with a bad cold/flu over the weekend. We used our Chromebox, the big TV and Whereby to have a window open into the office. I found this really useful to be able to virtually drop in and chat to Ben, Chris and James.

  • James did some overdue housekeeping and audited our AWS security keys. It’s an AWS recommendation that keys are rotated fairly regularly and now James has done just that.

  • James continued to catch up on more of the Mocha activity.

  • We’ve been added to Dovetail: a prototype of a site that aims to help charities find digital agencies. We, along with some of the other CoTech members, requested that a “business type” field be added to each listing so make it easy to differentiate between types of suppliers.

  • We think we’re finally set-up in the procurement system at the University of Oxford which means we should be able to get paid for the work we’ve been doing!

  • AF2 work included importing/displaying more survey information on the audience report, using the new catchment area calculation in one of the Insights that helps users take action based on their data and relaxing our postcode parsing to handle more common data-entry errors.

  • We finished the week at the TAA offices for sprint review. Leo did his usual great job of presenting the work we’ve been doing during the sprint. This was the second sprint review hosted at TAA offices. Although the reviews have been filmed/shared from the beginning of the project, hosting them in their office make it easier for colleagues outside of the project to be in the room and see what’s been happening.

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