Chris Lowis by Chris Lowis

Week 566

We spent the week working on our project for The Audience Agency from our office near Waterloo. I’ve been enjoying working with the rest of Go Free Range again, having spent the summer months split between separate projects. It also means we’re keeping on top of administrative decisions and making plans for the future which I’m feeling good about. I think we probably do need to get better at these kind of conversations when we’re not seeing each other regularly, but on the other hand it feels like some decisions just need to circle around the day-to-day conversation for a while until we’ve all had time to mull them over, and having little chats over lunch or tea breaks helps with that.

Some other things that happened this week:

  • James spent some time getting our ducks in a row following the changes to our articles of association. This included updating our filing at companies house and issuing share certificates to reflect our new class of co-operative “member” shares.
  • We registered some .coop domain names. We decided to snag and We were able to use to register the domains, but there’s a manual form-filing process that this has triggered to verify that we’re allowed to have them (only “official” co-ops are allowed to use the .coop TLD). I’m not sure what we’re going to use these domain names for yet.
  • I attended the (re)-launch party at the new Space4 in Islington. It’s a really inspiring place full of lovely people and we’re happy to be sponsoring a desk there.
  • We took part in a workshop run by some of the people we used to work with at GOV.UK. The workshop was brilliantly run and we came up with some interesting ideas.

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