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Weeks 561 to 564

Howdi folks. I hope you’re all well. I’m at home today having come down with flu-like symptoms over the weekend. My brain seems to be working OK but my body needs a bit of a rest.

Chris and James finished up with FutureLearn at the end of week 562. They’ve both taken time off in weeks 563 and 564 before they join Ben and I on The Audience Agency project this week.

I enjoyed a holiday in the New Forest during week 562. It was a particularly welcome break after a few fairly intensive weeks managing The Audience Agency project and helping Greg while Ben was off sick.

We moved into a larger office during week 563. We’re still in The Foundry but are now on the second floor in a room with a lot more natural light and opening windows. This will give us a bit more room to host True Footprint and The Audience Agency now that Chris and James are back in the office more often.

Week 563 saw the 10th anniversary of James joining GFR! Thanks for everything you’ve done over the past 10 years to make the company what it is today :-)

Week 564 marked the end of our fifth sprint on The Audience Agency project. Some initial design and styling is helping the app feel more real and we’ve recently been able to invite a couple of external users to test what we have so far. I’ve found myself dealing with lots of dirty data and trying to work out the boundaries between ignoring it/cleaning it at source and cleaning it in the app.

Until next time.

– Chris

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