Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Weeks 558 & 559

The past two weeks have flown by.

We continue to share our office with True Footprint, The Audience Agency, Greg and now Tom W. It can occassionally feel a little cosy but I find the increased energy/enthusiasm different people bring outweighs anything else.

Chris and James continue to work at FutureLearn. The current contract ends in a few weeks and we’ve started talking about what comes next.

Unfortunately Ben’s been off sick for the past two weeks which has meant the Audience Agency project has taken a bit of a hit. Fortunately Tom W was available to step in at short notice at the end of week 559 to help us give the project a boost in Ben’s absence. I’ve really appreciated having Tom involved and have enjoyed working with him again.

Greg finished working on the Mission Patch game at the end of week 558 and has started pairing with me on The Audience Agency project for the final two weeks of his internship. We’re hoping that the game will provide him with a thing he can point to and talk about in future interviews, and that working on the Audience Agency project will give him a feel for what’s involved in a more traditional project that we take on.

I enjoyed our monthly drinks in week 559. It was a good opportunity to catch up with James and Chris to chat about some GFR-related business and was also great to see James A and Murray.

Away from FutureLearn and The Audience Agency we’ve continued to work through the practicalities of becoming a coop (e.g. issuing a second type of share), and continue to investigate group critical illness cover.

Until next time.

– Chris

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