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Week 553

This week we welcome Gregory who’s joined Go Free Range for a couple of months as an “intern”. Gregory has just completed a degree in game programming at Goldsmith’s and helps run the code club Ben’s son attends. It’s the first time we’ve taken someone on as an intern, and we’re really happy to have Gregory in the office.

It’s been a fairly quiet week otherwise, I had a couple of days off and Ben is away on holiday. Chris has been finishing up some work on integrating Google Tag Manager into the FutureLearn application and on Thursday he and Gregory went to FutureLearn to talk some colleagues through the work in person. The work seems to have been very well received, and allows the marketing team to make some long-awaited changes.

James and I continued working on-site with our FutureLearn team. We’re at the start of a new project and there’s a lot of scoping and understanding to be done. We’ve mostly been investigating some 3rd-party software to see if can help us solve the problems we’re working on.

FutureLearn CTO Tom gave an interesting internal talk today, covering among other topics how their software engineers learn new skills. It’s got me thinking a lot about how we can help Gregory to learn while he’s with us and how GFR approach teaching and learning in general.

We took our 100th Mission Patch order this week which is a nice milestone. I also found time to write another issue of my newsletter Web Audio Weekly.

We’ve got a long and hopefully sunny bank holiday weekend here. I hope wherever you are you have a great one.

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