Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 526

It’s felt a bit odd this week. For the first time in a very long time we’ve split ourselves across two projects. Chris and I have been working on the Modern Slavery Registry for BHRRC while Ben and James have been working with the Ctrl Group. We managed to work in the same office a couple of days but it still feels strange when we’re not all focussed on the same thing.

We’re only working on each project for a couple of weeks and it’s been a good reminder of how much more effort needs to go into prioritising work: things like dependency upgrades and general housekeeping that I wouldn’t think twice about on a longer project are being neglected in favour of feature development.

In slightly more upbeat news; I’m really enjoying the new office. It’s reduced my commute enough to make it appealing to head into the office every day. We also had a great meeting with Siôn Whellens in the week to learn more about the various organisation structures available to us as we convert into a bonafide co-op.

I think that’ll do us for this week. I hope you all have a splendid weekend.

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