James Mead by James Mead

Week 515

Unfortunately this week was dominated by illness. Ben was off all week and I was off Monday to Wednesday. Chris R took Thursday & Friday off to prepare his boat for its Xmas break. Chris L attended both days of the CoTech Gathering on Thursday & Friday and I joined him on the Friday.

Crown Marketplace

Otherwise work on the CCS Crown Marketplace project continued as usual, mainly with Chris R & Chris L holding the fort. The focus recently has been on getting the Supply Teacher framework service ready to go live in January. This is complicated by the fact that many of the team will not be around in the lead up to the go-live date.

CoTech Gathering

It was great to catch up with many of the lovely people of CoTech at Space4 - I thought there was a real buzz about the place on Friday, despite many people having had a late night the night before! I helped Chris L’s group get the CoTech website switched over from a Wordpress site to a Jekyll-generated static site which was fun.

Until next time!

– James

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