James Mead by James Mead

Week 505

I was away on Monday on the last day of my RYA Day Skipper course, sailing in the Solent.

Chris R, Ben and I spent most of the week continuing our work at Trainline.

Chris L spent Monday doing some on-site data science consultancy for a client in Shoreditch and I think he had a productive day. Historically we haven’t tended to do many short-term consultancy gigs like this one, because of the overheads involved, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Chris L was then away at the Web Audio Conference in Berlin for the rest of the week. In case you didn’t know, Chris publishes the excellent Web Audio Weekly newsletter, so get yourself over there and subscribe!

Chris R and Ben met up with a potential collaborator who we know from our time at FutureLearn. It’s always good to catch up and discuss the possibility of working together.

We held our September Show & Tell event at our office in Whitechapel on Wednesday evening.

That’s all, folks!

– James

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