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Week 502 - Interesting links

Hundred Rabbits

I recently came across this couple who live aboard a sailing boat, sail it all over the world, and run a design & games studio on board. I particularly liked the look of ronin, a terminal-based graphic design tool (“a combination of vim and Photoshop”) which they built out of some necessity when one of their laptops died. JM

Bus Times: Bus stops, routes and times

I discovered this excellent website while I was on holiday in Cornwall last month. Nice simple, clean pages like this timetable for the Penzance to Lands End route. So much better than all the unusable PDFs found on invidivual bus company websites! JM


I really like some of the ideas in this prototype of a browser based on Safari, particularly the functionality making it easier to manage a large number of open tabs. JM

Richard D. Wolff Lecture on Worker Coops

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk by a Marxian economist, particularly this bit where he does some “economic arithmetic”. JM

Has the Government Digital Service been successful?

An interesting panel discussion with Mike Bracken, Martha-Lane Fox, Ian Watmore & Daniel Thornton. JM

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