Chris Lowis by Chris Lowis

Week 499

It was a fairly quiet week this week with Ben and I working for our client The Trainline and Chris and James on leave.

Ben and I paired on Monday and managed to deploy the basic end-to-end version of the small project we’ve been working on. It was great to finally see things working in a production-like environment and to be able to get some feedback from our internal customers so that we can iterate on it.

We spent the remaining time doing some refactoring to make the next piece of work we need to do easier. I was refactoring some code that enforces contracts between two different systems using JSON Schema - the code has drifted a little over time and it now involves duplicating the contract enforcement in a couple of different places. It should be possible to bring all of this together and simplify things a bit.

On Friday we held our team meeting over the phone (using our fancy Twilio-powered conference/party line). It was great to chat to James and hear a little about his travels. We have a decision or two to make about a future piece of work and it’s a bit easier to make a decision over a phone call.

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