James Mead by James Mead

Week 496

Chris R was on holiday on Monday and I was still away on my extended break.

It was our third week at Trainline and we continued work on the project we started last week. The main goal is to make it clearer when QA tests fail due to some external system not being available versus an actual problem with the system under test.

Some time ago we decided to apply for an overdraft for our company bank account. This was just a precautionary measure, which was just as well because it’s taken much longer than expected to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops. Anyway it was finally all sorted at the end of this week.

For the last few years we’ve been self-insuring our laptops and mobile phones, but now that there are four of us, we decided to add them to our existing company insurance policy. This means we don’t need to tie up the cash needed to replace all of them.

That’s all folks!

– James

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