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Week 485


There was quite a bit going on this week. I’ve noticed that with our own office and 4 people things feel a bit more active. I think that’s partly because we can have “two pairs” working on things at the same time - which means there’s plenty of conversation happening when we’re working on a client project. We’ve also been visiting potential clients too - we’ve typically sent two of us to meet them, which means two people continuing to work and make progress while they’re gone.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the things we got up to:

  • We continued work on the project for the BBC. You can read more about the project theme on the BBC blog. Last week we made some changes to the way voice experiences can be created. This week we used those new features to develop some prototype applications. We’re not really able to talk about the work in too much detail at this stage, but we’ve enjoyed working with a combination of AWS Lambda, the Alexa platform, NodeJS and Ruby.
  • We’ve started working with a few folks within CoTech to organise and sponsor an event during London Tech Week.
  • We spoke to an NGO about taking on a small amount of maintenance work for their Rails application.
  • We gave up our desks at the lovely Space4. If you’re looking for co-working space within a really positive environment, you should speak to Polly.
  • We met a potential client in their offices to discuss some work. The meeting was positive.
  • We had a brief chat with our new office neighbours Social Value Exchange and suggested some ways they could find suitable developers to work with them.
  • Chris R helped Joaquim sort out an email sending issue with the CoTech CoBudget installation.
  • We switched to using the recently-resurrected for our Show and Tell event.

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