Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 481

Afternoon folks.

It’s a beautiful day here today: it finally feels a bit like Spring after some very cold and wet days.

James rejoined us on Tuesday after his week away and after we’d all enjoyed the long Easter weekend break.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday working on the GDS Asset Manager project before finally finishing up and handing over yesterday. I have slightly mixed feelings about handing it over: having a break from the work is very welcome but I’m disappointed that we didn’t get as much done as we’d have liked. Unfortunately the budget wouldn’t allow us to continue but I’m hopeful that we’ve done a good enough job of documenting what we’ve done so that the GOV.UK team can continue the work to get the remaining Whitehall attachments served by Asset Manager.

Our other big news of the week is that Ben Griffiths has joined us as our newest member. James and I have both worked with Ben in the past (James and Ben at Thoughtworks and James, Ben and I at Reevoo) and he’s been a friend of GFR since the beginning. Since leaving Reevoo Ben’s been involved in numerous startups and has most recently been working at DXW. We’re all really happy to have Ben join and are looking forward to seeing what this means for us.

Ben’s official start date is today but we’ve all agreed to take it a bit easier today and to welcome Ben properly on Monday.

Until next time.

– Chris

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